Summer Intern Spotlight | Terry-Ann Lewin

We are pleased to spotlight Terry-Ann Lewin a Workforce Development Intern co-creator of the Urban Architecture Tour

How old are you?

TA: I am sixteen years old

Where were you born?

TA: I was born in Kingston, Jamaica 

What do you like to do in your free time?

TA: I like to watch t.v shows and movies and/or hang out with my family and friends

What is your favorite food?

TA: My favorite food is spaghetti and chicken. 

What is one of your hobbies?

TA: One of my favorite hobbies is watching t.v shows from different countries

What sports or activities have you participated in the past?

TA: I do track and field (outdoor) and I am part of the diversity club called Mosaic. I plan to continue these extracurricular this school year.

What are your greatest talents? If I needed your help to do something what would it be?

TA: I am great at using technology for research and other things. I am also good at instructing children and learning songs, dances, and educational things.

What languages does your family speak at home?

TA: We speak English and Patois (Jamaican dialect)

What is something that you fear?

TA: I’m scared of snakes

What classes do you love and hate in school?

TA: I love history, science, and Spanish. I also love being in band because all these classes make me want to learn every day.

Describe your favorite teacher? What types of things did you do in that class

TA: My favorite is my band conductor Ms. Welch. Ever since 7th grade she has taken her time helping me to better myself at the clarinet and encouraging me not to give up on the things I love no matter how hard they may be.

What are two things you do really well?

TA: I am really good at speaking to people that I just met and also public speaking. I’m also good at learning new things quickly.

What are two things you find challenging?

TA: I find connecting with large groups of people challenging.

What are you most excited about for this internship?

TA: I am excited about helping the community.




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