A Thankful Word from the Director | Fall Tour Series Kickoff

Dear Community,

My body isn’t cooperating on this Friday in fact, I’ve spent all day in bed in full recovery mode one day before our Anniversary Celebration. (Yikes!) So is the life of a chronic spoonie but fortunately my heart is full of joy and thankfulness.

The intern’s display of black youth magic last night is a testament to the brilliance and showmanship of our youth in Rochester. To often there is not a mention or platform to showcase their immense talent and success. I pray to continue to be able to give them a platform to shine bright.

I am so thankful to RochesterWorks! for collaborating with me and selecting these wonderfully talented group of teens and helping make my work that much easier as a mentor and instructor.

Last night was a personal testament that the work that I do is oh so worth it. The times when I’m happy, sad, in pain, overwhelmed and wondering how I’ll get through the days; somehow I always make it and the beauty that unfolds makes it clear once again.

Thank you community friends for showing your support, for your generous donations, and for you presence. It all truly means more than you could ever know.

Join us tomorrow at 540WMain Community Learning Academy for our One Year Anniversary Celebration from 4-7 PM here


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