540 is primarily funded by grassroots gifts & donations provided by members, partners, and you!

Your support is essential to sustain this work.

When you donate to us, you are also investing in our partners, local businesses and artists, and the greater community. Contributions directly support 540’s everyday operations, content creation, community education, and the development of new programming rooted in antiracism and social justice.

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our fundraising is community-centered

Nonprofits and philanthropy have troubling histories rooted in racism, wealth accumulation, and white saviorism. We acknowledge that your support is essential in our growth and all that we do, but we also want you to know that this work is not transactional. 

When you support 540, we want you to be actively involved in our practices and purpose. While we can list every single initiative that your donation will support here, it is important to note that this type of learning requires reflection and commitment. We hope you will explore for yourself why you would like to support this work. 

To learn more about the principles we follow, please visit Community-Centric Fundraising.