Existing While Black at The University of Rochester

Existing While Black at The University of Rochester

The University was my first “career” job out of college (PWI; RIT) way back in 2006 and like so many other BIPOC ( Black , Indegenous, People of Color) people. I have stories of overt racism and covert microagressions during my tenure as a staff member of the University; most I have never shared.
Instead of allowing bitterness and hurt to keep me away; upon returning to Rochester in 2013; I leaned into personal and professional work that would put me in better proximity to be the change I wished to see from large organizations like the UR. This charge eventually led me to my current position of community educator and Director and Founder of a grassroots non-profit organization.Over the last few years I have been in constant collaboration with the University through work with Izone, Rochester Center for Community Leadership, Ghandi Institute, the Alumni Network, Dr. Kate Mariner, and most recently Dr. Brett Robbins.
I am now in a position to effect systems change that will work to decrease instances of harm for future BIPOC students and staff. Part of this work for everyone involved is listening to the hurt and harm, giving space to acknowledge and sitting with the discomfort and dichotomy of an entity that has both helped and harmed internal and external communities of color and other marginalized people.
I do this work for everyone not in a position to be candid or share openly. For those for which this harm remains unshared due to fear of retaliation or worse. I do this work for me too who was also harmed and verbally abused by powerful white men (and women) as a young Black professional working at the UR. All this at a University known for great things but has at the same time been complicit in so much harm and hurt. These things can be true at the same time and sitting with this truth is what will be the catalyst for change.
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