Weekend Roundup |19th Amendment Celebration Round-Up

My heart is full of love, life, and happiness on this Monday evening. The past four days of activity at 540WMain saw us connect with the community in a way that we could have only imagined. From Thursday-Sunday we held a series of events to commemorate the anniversary of the 19th amendment. These included The Historical Urban Art Tour kickoff, our first Gluten Free Mingle Luncheon and a low key Sunday jazz and art gallery showing featuring the work of LaShonda Davis.

It was amazing

Good things don’t always come exactly when you want them, but they always come on time. The College Preparatory Interns showed up and showed a level of professionalism, knowledge, and engagement that one doesn’t often see from Rochester youth and it was both inspiring and enlightening. Positive vibes filled our historic space and we networked, learned, connected and took dozens of photos to recognize the significance of this now permanent tour program at 540WMain.

I could go on and on and on but really I want to say Thank You to everyone that helped to make the weekend a raging success. Thanks to the interns. Thanks to Creative Director (and my brother) Adam Eaton, Eleanor Coleman, Barbara Hoffman (who I wouldn’t be here without) and to every single one of you that liked, loved, shared, and came out to visit 540WMain.

It may not come when you want it. But it always comes on time. 

Our time is now and we are excited to bring more amazing events, community services, interactions and positive energy to the Susan B. Anthony District and the Rochester region.

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