Reflections on Crisis Funding, We Cannot Do More with Less

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Last summer 540WMain raised over $10K in less than 24 hours. Folx from near and far were checking in and writing checks, sending money via Cashapp and requesting our services, education rooted in antiracism. Our work was deemed “essential.”

We made the most of this generous support

We grew our team two fold, hired full and part time staff, paid them more than a living wage, connected with diverse facilitators and paid them for their time, energy and expertise. We designed and curated quality digital content, researched and wrote blogs, expanded our reach into higher education, scaled our first ever digital gentrification conference, grew our membership, added ASL interpreting to all classes, launched an organizational membership and antiracism fellowship, and stewarded more collaborations, connecting with people all over the world. In essence, we put in the work.

Our work has increased, community support has not

One year later the actual history about this country’s past is being called into question, erased, and buried every single day. The same suburban members that eagerly supported our work last summer have cooled off, weary of the real work of allyship, hesitant to truly cede power and some have publicly expressed that they simply do not want to talk about or be reminded about the contemporary effects of systemic racism that continue to plague our local and global communities. Black lives mattered last year, but seemingly less so this year. Our work has increased, community support has not.

We cannot do more with less

It has taken us almost the entire month to raise the same $10K;  but we made it.  Now we ask you to help us reach our stretch goal. With just a few days left in the month, we ask everyone who can to share our fundraiser, tag a friend and support essential education that is needed now more than ever. If folks don’t understand why we are here, why our communities look the way they do, and why outcomes continue to marginalize so many, we won’t reach the change we wish to see. We cannot sustain the change without sustained financial support. We cannot do more with less.

Every amount helps:

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