Black History Didn’t Begin With Slavery | 2nd Annual Digital Black History Month Education Campaign (Day IV)

We are pleased to share day IV of 540’s 2nd Annual Digital Black History Month Education Campaign

Black History Didn’t Begin With Slavery

It’s the first full week of Black History Month and almost certainly classroom teachers around the nation are almost certainly talking about the Dr. Martin Luther King, Harriet Tubman, Rosa Parks, and the transatlantic slave trade.This is all wonderful, important, vital history of America but most of the the time the larger narrative, the broader picture of African Kings, and historical civilization is not part of the narrative that is taught in the standard American Public School system. This is a problem. It is equally vital, important, and essential to understand that black history doesn’t begin with slavery and end with the Civil Rights Movement.

Black History is rich. Black history is diverse. Black history is global.

In your research, studies, and reading make sure you expand your reach and expand the narrative. A great way to do this is by taking the 540WMain class

BlacK History Didn’t Begin w/ Slavery 
Tues. Feb 5 // 6:30pm-8:30pm

About the Campaign

Every day throughout the month of February 540Blog will devote space to sharing Little Known Facts About Black Americans Throughout History. For us every month is Black History Month but we recognize and support the continuous need to take time and space to put a special spotlight on the accomplishments of Black and brown Americans from all ethnicities that have literally changed the course of history and yet have legacies that are not know by the masses.


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