Congressman’s White Fragility Shatters Before Our Eyes

We are pleased to share guest posts by local Rochester community members throughout this year’s 2nd Annual Digital Black History Month Education Campaign Congressman’s White Fragility Shatters Before Our Eyes by Erin Egloff On Wednesday, February 27, criminal and all-around weasel Michael Cohen testified in front of the U.S. House Committee on Oversight and Reform. […]

Spotting Our Own White Privilege

White privilege. It’s a loaded phrase for most white people, particularly if they have a limited understanding of history. If a person in the United States is white, they were born with and benefit from white privilege. The phrase itself makes many white people anxious, and I believe that’s primarily coming from a place of […]

Whitewashed: the Rosewood Massacre

When an individual, group, or institution whitewashes something, they intentionally conceal information that they deem unworthy, unimportant, or unpleasant. Whitewashing occurs within families, communities, systems, art, and, most commonly, historical record. Like the vast majority of K-12 students in America, my education (Catholic school for K-6, public school for 7-12) excluded essential historical concepts and […]

Memorable & Unexpected Gifts: Baby Showers, New Children

New additions to families are usually joyous occasions, whether a baby is born, a child is adopted, or a family decides to foster a child in need. They can also be times of anxiety and stress for the parent(s) as well as for close family or friends who may have lost a child or who […]

Memorable & Unexpected Gifts

“It’s not how much we give but how much love we put into giving.” – Mother Teresa Gift giving and making gestures are opportunities to show someone that you care, that you listen to them, and that you spend time thinking about them. Creative gift giving is a skill that can be developed; a muscle […]

Pushing Pause on Our Reactions

It’s no secret that Americans are divided on many topics of critical importance and that they often feel very passionately about their perspectives. While it’s a show of character to have strong principles, it’s a sign of wisdom to be able to think critically instead of reacting impulsively and dismissively. Throughout my life I’ve found […]

I’m White and I Screw Up a Lot

Recently, in a discussion on anti-racist action, I listened to a woman share her experiences and frustrations with white people “committing” to anti-racist work and then, after a certain period, abandoning the work to shift their attentions elsewhere. She reminded our group of an essential fact: people of color don’t have the option to ignore […]

Mental Illness: The Scapegoat of Mass Shootings

Let’s start off with some actual facts (as opposed to the ever popular “alternative” facts): 1) A public mass shooting is defined by the U.S. Congressional Research Service as a situation where four or more people, excluding the perpetrator, are indiscriminately killed. 2) American discourse and media analysis after mass shootings generally focuses on possible gun control legislation. Weapons that can fire multiple […]