A Monday Message from the Director 

Dear Community
Thank you so much for your support of 540 thus far in our winter semester. We are super excited about our offerings this semester and even more excited to continue to expand and connect with more of you each week.
As you can imagine a lot of care, time, attention and planning goes into every single one of our courses and events.
In order to be accessible to all we do not require advanced payment for all courses instead opting to just require RSVP and allow individuals to pay at the door. 
We’ve noticed that for some classes we get an overwhelming amount of folks that do RSVP in advance but then no show without letting us know. 

Considering all that goes into planning, booking interpreters and other supports; having an over abundance of no shows is challenging. 

To counter this we simply ask that if you RSVP in advance for a course that allows payment/or donation at the door and you can’t attend; that you email us so we can plan accordingly and have accurate numbers. 
Helping us in this regard will allow us to allocate resources as accurately as possible and continue to allow the community to pay at the door. 

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