Frederick Douglass

We are pleased to spotlight Frederick Douglass in day fourteen of our first annual 28 Days of Little Known Facts About (Black) American History

Frederick Douglass is one of the greatest Americans and voices for freedom who ever lived.”

At a time when many African-Americans were trying to establish lives after slavery, Douglass was appointed to several high-level U.S. government positions.
  • He served as minister and general counsel to the Republic of Haiti.
  • He spoke at the 1892 Chicago World’s fair where he detailed Haiti’s journey as a colony founded on slave labor to one governed by former slaves, and drew a connection to the African-American struggle for freedom.
  • Douglass was also the first black U.S. marshal and served in Washington.

Frederick Douglas’s life and legacy isn’t celebrated enough in American culture

About The 28 Day Campaign

This informational campaign: 28 Days of Little Known Facts About Black American History will see 540Blog share little known facts about Black Americans throughout history every day throughout the month of February. Those that were groundbreaking and history making but do not necessarily get the media attention and coverage.

Source(s): CNN

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