Annie Malone

We are pleased to spotlight Annie Malone in day ten of our first annual 28 Days of Little Known Facts About (Black) American History

Annie Malone founded Poro College, the first educational institute in the US dedicated to educating African-American women in the black cosmetics industry.

Annie believed women would be empowered if they improved their physical appearance, gaining greater self-respect and achieving a higher level of success. The college reportedly trained over 75,000 cosmetics agents world-wide – among them, Madame C.J. Walker.

In addition to Poro College, Malone also developed her own brand of beauty products including a hair straightener. With her forward vision and dedication to women of color, Malone was known as a generous entrepreneur, philanthropist and one of the first black female millionaires along with Walker.

The contributions of black women to the beauty industry have been ignored in favor of a white mainstream narrative.

Source: Black Pride  / Galore Mag


About The 28 Day Campaign

This informational campaign: 28 Days of Little Known Facts About Black American History will see 540Blog share little known facts about Black Americans throughout history every day throughout the month of February. Those that were groundbreaking and history making but do not necessarily get the media attention and coverage.

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