Anti-Black Racism Is As American As Apple Pie

The dehumanization of the Black body in life and death is as “American as apple pie,” the saying goes. In life or death the Black body is not human so there will always be justification on why WE and OUR lives are worth less and worthless. Nothing new here. White supremacy will always find a […]

Black Maternity/Parent Health: Why are Black Women Dying When Giving Birth?

Black people are the blueprint of the medical field, yet the doctor’s office is one of the most uncomfortable places for us to be.  The mistrust isn’t without good reason and has grown naturally as our bodies were poked and prodded without consent for centuries. Despite our bodies being used to test scientific hypotheses, those […]

Guns and Control: My Love/Hate Relationship with Firearms

“‘Gun Control’ means using two hands in my land…” Every time the topic of gun control breaches the surface in the news cycle (i.e. every time there is a mass shooting in America, so about every few weeks), I cannot help but think of Posdnous’s line from De La Soul’s classic Stakes Is High. Even […]