We are pleased to announce 540, Inc’s 3rd Annual November Fundraising Campaign

From Saturday November 10-27, 2018 we will be crowdfunding $10,000 through the platform. Community fundraising helps support the mission of 540, Inc; an education brand that creates digital content and people centered education communities designed to connect underserved populations to educational programming rooted in the arts and wellness. This year’s donations will support the programming and growth of 540, Inc’s two locations 540WMain and 540 at The Yards.

How Will Your Donation Be Used

Your donations will be used primarily fund:

  • The opening of 540 at The Yards
  • Workforce Development Interns
  • Subsidize the part-time salaries of our three staff members
  • Painting of our exterior store front
  • Installation of new flooring in (540Gallery) our art gallery space and hallway
  • Installation of new two new weather proof doors and removal of the drop ceiling

Donate & Match

We’ve teamed up with amazing corporate sponsor(s) (soon to be announced) to match your donations. This means whatever we raise will be matched to double your support.

Ways to Donate

This year we have given you three easy ways to donate any amount of your choosing  to 540, Inc.





(link on our main page)

Support the fundraiser by becoming a monthly sustainer/subscriber to keep 540WMain and 540 at The Yards robustly programmed community spaces for the Susan B. Anthony neighborhood and beyond.

$3, $5, $10, $20 — An array of diverse financial support will help 540WMain remain accountable to Rochesterians as a space to empower through art, wellness and social justice.Support our fundraiser via a monthly subscription to keep 540WMain and 540 at The Yards robustly programmed spaces for the Susan B. Anthony neighborhood and beyond.

If you value the resource and vision 540, Inc. has grown, honed, and maintained for the past couple years, please take part with others in collective, incremental support in respect to what you are financially able each month… Any amount, from as many folks as possible, will make this non-profit work all the more stable, informed, and flexible to meet the needs of our city.


Saturday November 24th is Small Business Saturday. Join our Founder in person from 9am-12pm for the VG/GF Pop Up Bakery. All tips received on this day will support the November Fundraising Campaign. Learn more about New City Cafe

2018 Donations Received

  1. $300, Rochester for All ( January 17 | Networking Event)
  2. $100, Wegmans ( January 17 | Gift Card for Networking Event)
  3. $ 25, Mary Lupien ( March ) | Interpreter Fund
  4. $25, Angelica Lopez ( March) | Interpreter Fund
  5. $500, RocGrowth (May 10) | Operating Funds
  6. $50 , Brion Swanson (June 25) | Operating Funds
  7. $25 , Robin Suwij, (June 19) | Signature T-shirt
  8. $25, Kelly Cheatle (June 18) | Signature T-Shirt
  9. $45, Julie Damerall ( June 13) | Operating Funds
  10. $25, Julie Damerall ( June 4) | Signature T-shirt
  11. $25, Stacy Adkins, (June 3) | Signature T-Shirt
  12. $25, Rosemarie Ericson ( June 13) | Operating Funds
  13. $319, Various Members (June 27 – July 2) } Operating Funds
  14. $5, Alison McDonald Photography (July 2) } Operating Fund
  15. $10, Caitlin  Hart, (July 2)} Operating Fund
  16. $50, In Kind Product Donation (August 26) 2nd Anniversary
  17. $890, Spiritus Christi Church, (August 4), Operating Fund
  18. $50, Robin Wilt, (September 10), Summer RGE/Operating
  19. $25, Rebecca Johnson, (September 10), Summer RGE/Operating
  20. $50, Eileen Grace, (September 10), Summer RGE/Operating
  21. $150, Pamela Reed Sanchez, (September 12), Summer RGE/Operating
  22. $25, Julie Burgess, (September 12), Operating Fund
  23. $1,000, Anonymous, (October 12), Operating Fund
  24. $200, Rebecca Desler, (November 18) November 2018 Fundraiser
  25. $25, Rachel Marinelle (November 18) November 2018 Fundraiser
  26. $25, Rebecca Lomuto(November 18) November 2018 Fundraiser

540, Inc. is funded by charitable gifts and donations provided by community members, partners, and corporate sponsors. Revenue from classes, programs and events is used to sustain and support the school’s operations and all community programs.