August 28


01:00 pm - 03:00 pm

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In this workshop we will explore the tenets and foundations of cultural appropriation and how it is different from cultural appreciation.


In this virtual class + panel we will explore the tenets and foundations of cultural appropriation, what it means and how it is different from cultural appreciation. Participants will be guided through historical and contemporary examples of how cultural appropriation manifests in society and culture, why the practice is harmful to historically oppressed cultures and how impact is more powerful than intent. Students will learn how to respond (what to do) if they see or commit acts of cultural appropriation.

what you’ll learn:

  • recognition of the negative effects of the white-washing of history and how erasure is an act of violence
  • culturally responsive and respectful ways to appreciate and pay homage to cultures and communities
  • the difference between cultural appropriation vs cultural appreciation
  • ways to educate oneself to be more aware understanding of indigenous cultures
  • how to respond when called out about acts of cultural appropriation


We have moved to a “gift economy” structure for all class registration tickets, meaning although this content does have a cost to us as an organization, we trust you to select an option that is right for you. This may be based on your ability to pay, want to support our organization, or what you feel is an equitable price.

registration options:

  • Registration – $30
  • Registration + Fund Someone Else’s Class – $60
  • Full Scholarship – $0


This class is most appreciate for educators, parents and professionals that work with school aged children in public, private, and charter schools


This class will take place online through Zoom. Class access links will be received after online registration. If you do not receive your link, please check your spam or email

what to expect:

  • highly interactive virtual format
  • whole group discussions guided by intentional prompts
  • classroom style Q&A
  • we recommended to use your video during class
  • come to class prepared to participate, engage, and discuss
  • ASL interpreting and captioning is provided for all classes

panelists: forthcoming

moderator: Calvin Eaton, Founder/CEO of 540WMain

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