March 18


07:00 pm - 08:30 pm

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This online class will teach you how to understand implicit bias at a personal and social level.


Implicit bias refers to the attitudes or stereotypes that affect our understanding, actions, and decisions in an unconscious manner. How do we understand implicit bias, unpack it and understand how our backgrounds, upbringing, and society shape how we interact with each other in virtual spaces and beyond. This online class will teach you how to understand implicit bias at a personal and social level and leverage this understanding in a way that will allow you to decrease instances of microaggressions and other covert racist tendencies in your professional and personal life, when interacting on the internet and everyday life.

what you’ll learn:

  • definition of implicit bias, microaggressions, and cultural humility
  • how implicit bias affects your interactions with others
  • some ways to decrease instances of microaggressions in your professional and personal life


  • We have moved to a “gift economy” structure for all class registration tickets, meaning although this content does have a cost to us an organization, we trust you to select an option that is right for you. This may be based on your ability to pay, want to support our organization, or what you feel is an equitable price.

registration options:

Registration – $30

Registration + Fund Someone Else’s Class – $60

Full Scholarship – $0


This class is appropriate for ages 18+


This class will take place online through Zoom. Class access links will be received after online registration. If you do not receive your link, please check your spam or email

what to expect:

  • highly interactive virtual format
  • whole group discussions guided by intentional prompts
  • break out sessions
  • classroom style Q&A
  • we recommended to use your video during class
  • come to class prepared to participate, engage, and discuss
  • ASL interpreting and captioning is provided for all classes


this class is facilitated by Calvin Eaton, Founding Director of 540WMain Inc, a virtual non-profit and community-based hub for accessible education and events that promote justice for all. 540WMain encourages individuals to broaden their horizons and learn more about multidisciplinary issues and topics that impact the world.