Black Vegans Shouldn’t Be Invisible

We will discuss the erasure of Black vegans and Black veganism from our socio-cultural conversations about who is vegan and what is means to be vegan. This class will consider why mainstream media has historically depicted veganism as a largely white and elite practice.

Let’s Talk About Critical Race Theory

We will review the history and origins of critical race theory (CRT) as an academic discipline, discuss the facts, and dispel the myths that have made CRT a hot topic and center of socio-political debate.

Introduction to Community Land Trusts

This session will explore the history of the CLT movement, how CLTs fight gentrification and displacement, the ways different communities have used CLTs in creative, powerful ways, and share the work of Rochester’s own CLT, City Roots.

Palliative Care for Non-White/BIPOC Communities

Hear experiences, testimonials and insights from medical providers around recent innovations and improvements in the field of palliative care and hospice as it relates to Black and brown communities of color.

Decolonizing Language

Let’s take a closer look at what it means to decolonize the way we speak and how the English language colonizes our thinking. Together we will discuss how language has been used as a tool for oppression while examining methods to reclaim language.

Understanding Cultural Appropriation

In this virtual class + panel we will explore the tenets and foundations of cultural appropriation, what it means and how it is different from cultural appreciation.

Introduction to Climate Justice Movement

Climate change will disproportionately impact BIPOC and poor communities the greatest, both globally and locally. In this virtual class we will learn how the intersection of social justice, anti-racism work, and climate activism has given rise to the climate justice movement.

Intro to Allyship

Participants learn the basic tenets of what it means to be an ally and advocate for historically marginalized persons.