local roots, global reach

540WMain was founded in 2016 as a grassroots community space in the Susan B. Anthony district of Rochester, NY.

Today, our purpose remains unchanged; programming rooted in social justice, with a dedication to neighborhood revitalization. We now operate as an eLearning platform, but remain dedicated to supporting Rochester neighborhoods.

Let us help broaden your horizons

540WMain is a nonprofit antiracist education platform that promotes justice for all. We encourage you to broaden your horizons through learning about multidisciplinary issues and topics that impact the world.

We examine topics that matter, together

We offer ways for you to learn about and engage with issues that directly impact your lived experience. Everything we teach prioritizes social justice and antiracism, always.

For Individuals

Virtual classes on arts, culture, wellness, the environment, history and antiracism practice.

For Organizations

Antiracism consulting, moderation, speaking engagements and the tools to provide your entire team with our classes.

how we help

inclusive community
through fostering understanding
brave space
to examine oppressive structures
everyday learning
of global issues that matter

Our vision is community change

A world where local communities are connected to global topics, leading to an understanding of the complex factors that have led us to the present. 540WMain aims to be an accessible and intersectional community that encourages this everyday learning and understanding of each other.

our values


growing together with hard conversations & mutual support


you belong here, othering is not tolerated in this space


accessible, affordable learning for our community


acknowledgement of differences while connecting on values

social justice

rooted in antiracism and social justice, always


impact over intent, the work we do has a very real effect on our community