Sit Down, Randy: The Myth of Bootstrap Pulling

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Sit Down, Randy: The Myth of Bootstrap Pulling by Chris Thompson ^ additional editing by Calvin Eaton  Hi. If you have ever said, “I don’t see race”, “This black person is successful, so why aren’t you”, “Stop dwelling in the past”, “It goes both ways”, “You’re creating division by talking about this”, or my favorite, […]

Kappell Incident a Wake-up Call for All of Us

Kappell Incident a Wake-up Call for All of Us | Guest Blog by Rebecca Johnson The turmoil surrounding weathercaster Jeremy Kappell’s statements on WHEC-TV last week raises significantly bigger issues about our city than just the nature of one individual’s brief verbalization. I’ve been listening to and reading about the opinions of white people and […]

Whitewashed: the Rosewood Massacre

When an individual, group, or institution whitewashes something, they intentionally conceal information that they deem unworthy, unimportant, or unpleasant. Whitewashing occurs within families, communities, systems, art, and, most commonly, historical record. Like the vast majority of K-12 students in America, my education (Catholic school for K-6, public school for 7-12) excluded essential historical concepts and […]

I’m White and I Screw Up a Lot

Recently, in a discussion on anti-racist action, I listened to a woman share her experiences and frustrations with white people “committing” to anti-racist work and then, after a certain period, abandoning the work to shift their attentions elsewhere. She reminded our group of an essential fact: people of color don’t have the option to ignore […]