Impact Matters More Than Intent | Guest Blog by Sam Waters

Impact Over Intent | Guest Blog by Sam Waters There’s been a lot of discussion about last week’s incident with the local meteorologist at WHEC, his on-air comment, and subsequent firing, and I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it. What I keep coming back to is something I routinely find to be aContinue reading “Impact Matters More Than Intent | Guest Blog by Sam Waters”

Top Three Ways to Be A Successful Social Entrepreneur

It’s no secret that I consider myself a Social Entrepreneur. I’ve shared this revelation right here on 540Blog and the more I grow as a leader the more I accept this reality. For those of you wondering; What exactly is a social entrepreneur I suggest reading past blog posts here and here. For everyone else;Continue reading “Top Three Ways to Be A Successful Social Entrepreneur”

2nd Saturday Vegan PopUp Bakery | April 14

540WMain Community Learning Academy presents: monthly PopUp Vegan Bakery Saturday April 14 // 11-2 PM 540WMain Learning Academy continues the (2nd) Saturday Vegan Cupcake PopUp Bakery series featuring cupcakes, cookies, and other glutenfree and vegan desserts baked fresh from scratch by theglutenfree chef no registration required // menu featuring cookies // $2.5 blueberry vanilla oatmealContinue reading “2nd Saturday Vegan PopUp Bakery | April 14”

All About the Rochester Gentrification Conference 2018

Dear Community, What started out as a second edition of our very successful workshop: Let’s Talk About Gentrification Conversation in A Community Room; has evolved into a brand new half day conference coined The Rochester Gentrification Conference | Saturday March 24 at 441 Parsells Ave. This is the first year of a planned annual conferenceContinue reading “All About the Rochester Gentrification Conference 2018”

I’m White and I Screw Up a Lot | by featured blogger Erin Egloff

Recently, in a discussion on anti-racist action, I listened to a woman share her experiences and frustrations with white people “committing” to anti-racist work and then, after a certain period, abandoning the work to shift their attentions elsewhere. She reminded our group of an essential fact: people of color don’t have the option to ignoreContinue reading “I’m White and I Screw Up a Lot | by featured blogger Erin Egloff”