the work we do is rooted in antiracism and social justice

social change

impactful social change over individual or organizational benefit


we are lovers of learning & teaching!

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I have an identical twin!

I am passionate about examining the complex role language plays in upholding social inequities.

I have a big kitty and a small puppy.

I am passionate about normalizing fatness and queerness in society through education and anecdotal experience.

My favorite TV show of all time is the Golden Girls!

I am passionate about educating and learning about history of structural racism in the U.S. and how this history influences and affects present day lived experience.

I am writing a book with expected publication in Spring 2022!

I am passionate about making connections between nature and culture through indigenous wisdom and practice.

I've been training capoeira for 13 years, and I started in Rochester.

I'm passionate about education, both in our communities (fund the schools), and on a more global level (reckon with our collective history and grow from it, not browbeat or sweep it under the rug).

I am a dancer and choreographer.

I am passionate about sustainable global development and the ways in which migration has an impact on societies.

I enjoy curating musical playlists

My work in anti-racism is deeply rooted in the belief that in the United States, there exists a highly conspicuous value gap in societal structures.

I would rather be outside

I am passionate about decolonization of cultural institutions and examining power structures in historical retellings & cultural heritage ownership.

I am a coffee connoisseur!

I am passionate about working across multidisciplinary fields to create more accessible and equitable programs and opportunities for all.