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540 conducts all event registration through a gift economy structure meaning that although this content does have a cost to us an organization, we trust you to select an option that is right for you. This may be based on your ability to pay, want to support our organization, or what you feel is an equitable price.

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This virtual workshop provides a foundational understanding of antiracism and what it means to be antiracist.
We will discuss gentrification with an emphasis on the role race and class play in it.
This introductory class unpacks the components and meaning of structural racism in the United States.
Explore the concept of intersectionality, the definition of intersectional feminism, and the feminist movement in the US.
Learn how bias presents when interacting with others and leverage this knowledge to decrease instances of microaggressions.
Let's discuss how to engage in discussions about race and racism with children when mainstream American culture is constructed to justify and defend racial inequality.