The Gluten Free Chef Calvin Eaton is an educator, chef, and writer who launched the website, the Gluten Free Chef Blog, in 2012 after years of living with the effects of fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue and celiac disease – conditions that are exacerbated by the presence of wheat, gluten, and dairy products in foods.

His goal has always been to make gluten free living accessible to everyone. His blog features fool proof recipes and meal plans, ensuring that everyone could and would eat wonderful gluten free meals – and never tell the difference.

Mr. Eaton continues to raise awareness for holistic living, wellness, and education by offering a variety of workshops, classes, networking events, and private lessons by Founding the mission based community center 540WMain in June 2016.(


Katie is 540WMain’s amazingly talented marketing & events assistant. A Rochester native; creativity runs through her veins. When she’s not dreaming up eye catching visuals for our weekly and monthly events and programming she is performing and singing in her band Tart Vandelay with her band mate Martin LoFaso. To learn more about Tart Vandelay visit

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