Community Educators of the Month

Check out our Community Educator Spotlights for the Spring Semester…

Calvin Eaton


March 10 & 19 | Professional Grant Writing 4 Beginners

March 17 | Vegan Cheese Making, Tasting & Sip

April 5 | Literacy & Menu Planning 4 Kids

April 5 | Professional Grant Writing 4 Beginners

April 16 | History of Veganism in Black Cultures

May 3 & 29 | Professional Grant Writing 4 Beginners

May 10 | Let’s Talk About Invisible Disability

May 12 | Self Care 4 Entrepreneurs: A Healing Workshop

May 17 | Alkalize Your Body In 4 Easy Steps

May 31 | Vegan Cheese Making, Tasting & Sip

The Gluten Free Chef, Calvin Eaton, is an educator, chef and writer.  Calvin launched the website, The Gluten Free Chef Blog, in 2012 after years of living with the effects of fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue and celiac disease.  Continuing to raise awareness for holistic living, wellness and education, Calvin currently serves as Founder & Executive Director of 540WMain Community Learning Academy. 


Katie Halligan

March 13 | D.I.Y. Henna 4 Beginners

March 20 | D.I.Y. Henna Candles

March 27 | Intro to Songwriting – Level 1

April 3 | Spring Break Henna Hands 4 Kids

April 3 & 17 | D.I.Y. Henna 4 Beginners

May 1 | D.I.Y. Henna 4 Beginners

Katie Halligan is a professional henna artist and an active member of the Rochester music scene.  Best known as the singer in local indie pop band, Tart Vandelay, Halligan currently serves as Marketing/Events Assistant for 540wMain, Owner of ROC City Henna, and as a freelance music writer for CITY newspaper.


Alivia Ruiz

March 15 | Introduction to Drawing Faces – Level 1

Alivia Ruiz is a master artist and local creator, who carries a natural mission of healing through her creativity.  Known as the singer in local soul fusion band, Lost Wax, Ruiz currently serves as manager of Small World Food.


Marcus Bowens

March 26 | Hip-Hop Cardio

April 9 | Hip-Hop Cardio

May 7, 16 & 23 | Hip-Hop Cardio

Marcus has created, trained and taught hip hop dance for over 10 years. Beginning at the age of 10 in the world of freestyle hip hop dance, Marcus has since become a versatile and dynamic choreographer.  He is also skilled in contemporary modern, African step, Caribbean dance hall and Irish step dance.  Marcus currently teaches hip-hop choreography to new students.

Ray Ray Mitrano

April 4 | Spring Drawing 4 Kids & Adults

April 14 | Ways of Poetry w/ Ray Ray Mitrano

Ray Ray Mitrano is a local creative who loves to participate in community events, performances, workshops, and group exhibitions.  Interactive storytelling is a major part of what he does, whether it involves drawing, animation, education, performing, videography, or multi-media installation.  His experimental work embraces collaborative improvisation within conceptual frameworks.  Mitrano is a recent MFA Graduate whose Visual Studies thesis explored civics through art in the trajectory of the 2016 US Elections.  Currently based in Rochester, NY, Ray Ray Mitrano serves for hire as a documentary illustrator of events, art workshops, design, and stop-motion.


Jonathan Schnader

April 10 | Let’s Talk About Police Body Cameras: A Legal Perspective

Jonathan Schnader worked in the criminal justice system for many years  as a police officer and currently serves as Assistant Public Defender for the Rochester Police Department.


Sarah Vitberg

April 19 | American Sign Language 4 Beginners – Level 1

May 2 | American Sign Language 4 Beginners – Level 2

Sarah Vitberg is an active ASL interpreter throughout the Rochester community.  Sarah currently serves as the manager of Getting It Done Fitness.


Amy Ventura

April 24 | How to Get Started with KIVA

Amy Ventura is a local money guru who studied Sociology at SUNY Geneseo, and has experience getting local businesses kick-started with loans from KIVA.  Ventura currently serves as Budget Analyst at the City of Rochester, NY – Mayor’s Office.


Michaela Cultura


April 25 | Spiritual Self Defense for People of Color

Michaela Cultura is a branding and marketing guru.  Michaela currently serves as a freelance Marketing & Social Media Manager in Rochester.

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