A Wednesday Word from the Director | Growth Takes Community

Dear Community, It’s not lost on me that unconscious bias and perceived stereotypes about the safety of the Susan B. Anthony Preservation district make running any business on West Main Street extremely challenging. It should come as no surprise that over the decades very few businesses have had longevity on the West Main strip despiteContinue reading “A Wednesday Word from the Director | Growth Takes Community”

What Is Social Entrepreneurship?

Did you know that 540WMain initially started as a for profit social enterprise. However I quickly realized that not many in Rochester knew what that meant let alone understood the concept of social entrepreneurship, conscious capitalism or like terms so I adjusted our mission to be non-profit but at the core we are a socialContinue reading “What Is Social Entrepreneurship?”

Gardens Can Help Rebuild Stolen Community Part II by Jake Sell Hicks

So last time we talked; I gave you an overview of Rochester (through my eyes) and how systemic and social forces have divided our city’s citizens and fragmented the efforts of activists to dismantle a system built on oppression and racism. We ended with the question: How can we dismantle capitalism and neoliberalism in ourContinue reading “Gardens Can Help Rebuild Stolen Community Part II by Jake Sell Hicks”

Gardens Can Help Rebuild Stolen Community: Part I by Jake Sell Hicks

Rochester is one of those American cities that’s small and hip, and, at the same time, too big for many to understand, with a history as troublesome as any other. I say this because Rochester can be cast in different lights. It can be an up-and-coming technological business center and cultural oasis, or it canContinue reading “Gardens Can Help Rebuild Stolen Community: Part I by Jake Sell Hicks”

Dependence is Not Addiction

The war on opiods is real. Let me restate that” The war on opioids is real and those of us living with chronic pain conditions and invisible illness are at risk of losing essential medications that give us a quality of life. I say all this in acknowledgement of a real need to address “opioidContinue reading “Dependence is Not Addiction”