540, Inc Launches #speakoutnow | A Campaign Against Injustice

We are pleased to announce 540, Inc’s first annual #speakoutnow Campaign Only two weeks into 2019 and recent public and media events have created much social media and public debate around issues of systemic racism, intersectionality, intent, impact, accountability, forgiveness, and more. As a source of digital and in person content around social justice topics;Continue reading “540, Inc Launches #speakoutnow | A Campaign Against Injustice”

Yogi Educator Spotlight | Sarah Yanello

Fit & Well at 540 this year means more yoga at 540WMain. This year we brought in Sarah Yanello to foster an environment for yoga. Learn more about Sarah and her practice and be sure to take an early morning class. Sunday January 20 // 8:15AM // $FREE ($10 suggested donation) About Sarah Sarah attendedContinue reading “Yogi Educator Spotlight | Sarah Yanello”

Revisting Hip Hop Cardio Community Educator | Marcus Bowens

Fit & Well at 540 this year means more dance at 540WMain. Those that have been following us for some time know that we first started Hip Hop Cardio with Marcus Bowens in June 2017. It’s going on two years and the class is still going strong. Revisit our interview with Marcus and if youContinue reading “Revisting Hip Hop Cardio Community Educator | Marcus Bowens”

Impact Matters More Than Intent | Guest Blog by Sam Waters

Impact Over Intent | Guest Blog by Sam Waters There’s been a lot of discussion about last week’s incident with the local meteorologist at WHEC, his on-air comment, and subsequent firing, and I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it. What I keep coming back to is something I routinely find to be aContinue reading “Impact Matters More Than Intent | Guest Blog by Sam Waters”

More Than One Cockroach | Guest Blog by Chris Thompson

More Than One Cockroach by Chris Thompson I have lived in Rochester for 10 years, and I have been called “nigger” and other slurs more here than all my life living in Baltimore, North Carolina, Virginia, and various countries that people claim are extremely racist. Racial slurs are nothing, though. “Nigger” is just a cockroachContinue reading “More Than One Cockroach | Guest Blog by Chris Thompson”