540WMain Adds Prolific Book to Popular Book Discussion Series | Unpacking™ Race Manners by Bruce Jacobs

We are pleased to announce that we have added the book Race Manners to our Unpacking™ Book Discussion Series Race Manners: Navigating the Minefield Between Black & White Americans by national public speaker and author Bruce A. Jacobs is the latest text to be added to the Unpacking™ Book Discussion series for 2019. Race MannersContinue reading “540WMain Adds Prolific Book to Popular Book Discussion Series | Unpacking™ Race Manners by Bruce Jacobs”

An Open Letter to Arena’s Inc. | by Calvin Eaton

An Open Letter, Dear Arena’s Inc. It was with great joy that I made a casual visit to your East End location this past Friday. With vacation time on my side I could finally cross your prolific gift shop and floral boutique off my grew up in Rochester but never visited list. Initially this visitContinue reading “An Open Letter to Arena’s Inc. | by Calvin Eaton”

A Wednesday Word From the Director | Tis the Season

Tis the season… For rest, reflection and relaxation. Hopefully I’m still sticking to my self-induced break as you’re reading this blog. When your work is your passion and your passion is your work; one of the hardest things to do is turn work mode off. Living with fibromyalgia makes it easier for me to listenContinue reading “A Wednesday Word From the Director | Tis the Season”

540 Releases January & February 2019 Calendars

We’re excited to release our calendars for January-February 2019 540’s January & February 2019 calendars are available for download (finally!) This is our 2nd Annual Fit, Well, & Sustainable Campaign with brand new classes dedicated to fitness, wellness, and holistic sustainability.  . . We are excited to host this campaign again for 2019 and can’tContinue reading “540 Releases January & February 2019 Calendars”

Introducing Annie Kwon | Volunteer Spotlight

We are pleased to spotlight Annie Kwon our newest 540Volunteer About Annie (she/her/hers) Annie is a web designer who has studied Human Computer Interaction. She designs websites from the perspective of recent researches on User Experience and User Interface. She loves learning about cognitive and behavioral psychology, sociology, anthropology, history, marketing, public relations, and any socialContinue reading “Introducing Annie Kwon | Volunteer Spotlight”