How Rochester Artist Collaborative is Helping Local Artists Thrive

Rochester Artist Collaborative is for the community Art runs deep in Rochester’s roots. To know modern artists here is to know true creative souls. Folks dedicated to filling the world with beautiful things and spaces. One of those artists is Adam Eaton.    Eaton is a bright star whose work captures the true beauty of […]

A Bittersweet Goodbye: Insecure Comes To An End

To say goodbye to a show like Insecure is so bittersweet After five amazing seasons, Insecure has come to an end. Black femmes/womxn everywhere are grieving the loss of Issa, Molly, and Thug Yoda. Over the last five years, Issa and her team have managed to speak and connect with an entire generation. The mess-ups. […]

The Kids Are Alright, Even If We Don’t Want Kids Ourselves

I don’t know if I want to have kids. Ever. This feeling has evolved for me over the years.  When I was younger I was sure I wanted to be a mom; to have beautiful little Black babies who looked like me. I grew up with several nieces and nephews. There are 12 of them […]

The Sad Lesson of Gabby Petito and Jelani Day

A devastating truth: thousands of people go missing every year and are never heard from again. Another devastating truth: missing person cases regarding Black and Brown people aren’t given the same attention as those of white people. Over the last few months, people all around the world have followed the saga of Gabby Petito, a […]

The World Will Never Love Fat, Black Women/MaGes

Society does not and will never serve Black fat women and MaGes (Marginalized Genders). Physically we will never meet the standards. We will always be too loud especially when we’re talking about self-love.  We get new examples every day, but the most recent is Lizzo.  For her entire career so far, Lizzo has embraced everything […]

Whose Opinion About Simone Biles Matters?

Simone Biles at 2016 Rio Olympics

Image Credit: Fernando Frazão/Agência Brasil made available through Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Brazil   Misogyny and bigotry on view It was inevitable that people, especially men, most of whom can’t even do a cartwheel, would loudly voice their opinions about Simone Biles when she pulled out of Olympic competition a week into the Tokyo games. […]

Shamicka Joseph’s Journey to Mental Wellness

About Black Women ROC! nominee, Shamicka Joseph  Shamicka was the first born child in her family, and as is usual for the oldest, she didn’t get to be little very long. “I didn’t have the best childhood. It wasn’t a fairytale or even standard of what you would want it to be. I grew up […]

Tara Banks: If You Push, I Will Pull

Introducing Black Women ROC! nominee, Tara Banks  Tara’s nephew was killed by Rochester police the day before our interview. Her eyes are swollen, but she showed up. Tara always shows up. She has been showing up for 20 years, since the day she decided to do this work. She tells me “I really hope you […]

Tiffany Porter and her Quest for Radical Honesty

About Black Women ROC! nominee, Tiffany Porter  Described as “a tremendous leader, willing to grow and learn,” by one of her nominees, Tiffany is a powerhouse at the intersection of the All Black Lives Matter, LGBTQIA and the disabled peoples’ rights movements. “People don’t know that when they look at me that I am disabled. […]

Black Women ROC! 2021 | What to Expect

Recognizing the Black women who break barriers In its 5th year, Black Women ROC! is an annual digital media campaign that highlights the accomplishments of local Black women who are change agents in the Rochester community. We are pleased to share that we ended this year’s nomination period with over 30 submissions all of which eloquently highlighted […]

Youth Activist Sarah Adams Is Hope for The Future

The face of a young strong African woman on yellow background.

Youth Activist Sarah Adams Is Hope for The Future I have faith in the future because of students like Sarah Adams. At just 14-years-old, Sarah has made strides in Rochester with the school district and social justice.  She was marching this past Summer for Daniel Prude. She has protested teacher cuts for the Rochester City […]

Black Womxn Are More Than Their Strength

illustration of black women wearing masks against a white background

Black Womxn Are More Than Their Strength Calling a Black womxn strong is not a compliment. That might sound strange because ‘strong’ is such a positive adjective. Most would be grateful to hear others use that term to describe them. But for Black Womxn the term makes us feel exhausted. It’s a term that is […]

Black Women Roc 2020! Spotlight #1: Dr. Celia McIntosh

black american nurse in white coate

We are pleased to spotlight Dr. Celia McIntosh for our Black Women Roc! 2020 campaign About Dr. Celia McIntosh  Dr. Celia McIntosh DNP, RN, FNP-C, PMHNP-BC, SCRN, CEN, CCRN, CNRN, is the President of the Rochester Regional Coalition Against Human Trafficking (RRCAHT). She joined RRCAHT in 2014 after learning about the horrific crime of human […]

How One Musician is Helping People Across the Community

A 540Monthly Membership ensures that 540WMain is able to create and curate low cost/high impact educational content and programming rooted in antiracism, arts/culture & humanities, and wellness.  If you love 540WMain consider becoming a 540Monthly Member today. Help 540WMain reach its goal of 100 monthly members. Click here How One Musician is Helping People Across […]

The Joy & Beauty of Black Women

A 540Monthly Membership ensures that we are able to create and curate low cost/high impact educational content and programming rooted in antiracism, arts/culture & humanities, and wellness.  If you love 540WMain consider becoming a 540Monthly Member today. Today through December 31, 2019 help us reach our goal of 100 monthly members. Click here to become […]

November Featured Artist Spotlight + Interview | Shakiyla

We are pleased to spotlight Shakiyla our November Featured Artist The Gallery at 540WMain  will showcase Shakiyla’s art at an Opening Reception  Saturday November 23rd | 11-2 PM   This exhibit will be on display November 23-December 8, 2020 When did you begin your career as an artist?  Shy J: I’ve always been an Artist […]

Black Women Roc Spotlight + Interview | Davanique Collier

We are pleased to spotlight Davanique Collier for 2019’s Black Women Roc! campaign About Davanique  Davanique is extremely passionate about lifting up young people and being a positive role model in our community. Her work developing the Walk the Wave teen fashion show which focuses on building self-esteem in youth participants has been a significant success. […]

Special Announcement | Black Women Roc! Finalists 2019

We are pleased to announce the finalists for the 2019 Black Women Roc! Campaign All month long 540WMain has featured classes and workshops taught by black women (and men) that are rooted in subjects that are important to black women and members of the black community. We are so grateful for all of our educators […]