Beginning January 24, 2017 540WMain will carry select vegan and gluten free bakery items in our café courtesy Beth Holdridge of The Baker’s Daughter Bakery. Items will be sold ala carte during our normal business hours Tuesday-Friday 3:30-6:30 PM.

Those interested in preordering large quanities or special orders should contact Beth directly using the information below. Items will rotate daily and you can visit The Baker’s Daughter Facebook page here to know what is in the pastry case on any given day.* You can also download the expanded menu here

Beth Holdridge, Owner | Head Baker | The Bakers Daughter

P: 585- 314-7604

540WMain Phone: 1-855-540-6246

*Limited gluten free items courtesy of the gluten free chef will be sold on select days as well. Special orders will go through Beth Holdridge.  the gluten free chef is not accepting special orders at this time.