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Diversity, Inclusion, & Antiracism Training & Facilitation

540WMain is dedicated to promoting diversity, inclusion, and antiracism through education initiatives, speaking engagements, programs, events, workshops, and digital content.


  • Speaking/Moderation: Public speaking engagements are negotiated individually with each client/organization. Please submit the web-form below to discuss booking Calvin as keynote speaker for your next event.
  • Training & Workshops: All workshops are interactive and dynamic and focus on participants’ stereotypes, beliefs, behaviors, & action.
  • Consulting
  • Project-Based Pricing: For larger projects, or projects with indistinct time parameters, negotiated project-based packages are available. This includes all consultation, facilitation, training, preparation, and materials for a single set rate.
  • Classroom Teacher Professional Development



Level 1: $2000 for a two hour workshop 

Level 2: $2,600 for a four hour workshop

Level 3: $3,000 per day, plus travel expenses.

^^ Rates include standard materials, preparation time, and preparatory consultation calls with leadership. Clients more than 2 hours outside of Rochester incur an additional fee for travel time, based on distance traveled.

Consulting: $275 per hour, or $2,600 for a retainer-based model, which includes 10 hours of consultation.

School Districts/Large Non-profits

Level 1: 1,600 for a two hour workshop

Level 2: 2000 for a four hour workshop

Level 3: $3,000 per day, plus travel expenses.

Consulting: $200 per hour, or $200 for a retainer-based model, which includes 10 hours of consultation.

Small Businesses/Nonprofits

Sliding-scale rates are available for small, grassroots, social justice organizations, non-profits, and groups with budgets under $100,000. Please submit web-form below for more information

Active Classes & Workshops

**most popular** Intro to Implicit & Unconscious Bias In Professional Settings (2hr+)

This course will teach employees of all levels how to understand implicit bias at a personal and social level and leverage this understanding in a way that will allow you to decrease instances of microaggressions and other covert racist tendencies in your workplace and everyday life. This class is geared towards professionals.

Intro to Intersectional Feminism I (2hr)
This introductory course will explore the concept of intersectionality, the definition of intersectional feminism in the United States, the feminist movement and its intersection with race, gender, class, and ethnicity. The history of the feminism movement and its exclusion and inclusion of non-white and non-cisgender women will be unpacked. Participants will be tasked with exploring their own personal biases and individual actions they can take to be more inclusionary in their feminist interactions.

Let’s Talk About Gender Pay Equity (2hr)

This workshop discusses the gender and racial pay gap in America in present day and how we can begin to change this narrative at the  individual and institutional level.

Intent vs Impact (1.5hr)

A candid discussion about implicit bias, microagressions, and intent vs impact when talking and interacting with people that are different from yourself. Participants will learn how to change ways of being and how to responding when committing an unintended microagressions.

Introduction to Juneteenth (1hr)

This workshop gives a historical scope of Juneteenth, its’ present day relevance, and important in United States history as well as the Black American community.

Introduction to Understanding Structural Racism (2hr)

This workshop unpacks the components and meaning of structural racism in the United States and how the system continues to oppress marginalized voices in present day.
Three pillars of structural racism, its historical context, and how they affect persons of color in Rochester and beyond will be the foundation of this class which will include a mix of Q&A, presentation, and group learning:

  • Housing
  • Prison System
  • Political Systems

Intro to Understanding White Fragility (2hr)

This workshop unpacks white fragility and white it is so difficult for white people to talk about race.

Intro to Understanding White Privilege (2hr)

This workshop unpacks the premise and concept of white privilege through the lense of Black Americans and persons of color. What does white privilege mean?
How does it guise and manifest itself to perpetuate racism at the individual, organizational and systemic levels?
How can white people understand the theoretical language of white privilege and their complicity in it whether intentional or not.

Introduction to Understanding Cultural Humility (2hr+)

This course will teach employees of all levels how to understand and recognize implicit bias , its relation to cultural humility, how to understand cultural humility and the difference between cultural humility vs cultural competence. This class is geared towards professionals in non-profit/community sectors.

Creating a Positive Workplace Climate For Diversity (2hr+)

This course is designed for administrators, managers, leaders and department heads and explores how to create a workplace that fosters cooperation, trust, respect and humility for all cultures and groups. Ideals like inclusive language, inclusive policy setting, opening the decision making table, humility language, and more will be explored in the areas of sex diversity, race and ethnic diversity, limiting microagressions in your workplace and more.

White Americans Are Ethnic Too! (2hrs)

This tongue and cheek course explores the concepts and constructs of ethnocentrism, ethnicity, race and culture and unpacks the notion of whiteness as a culture and a standard that is detrimental to difference. Ethnicity and culture from a global and all person lens is explored. The foundation of the course posits that all people regardless of race are ethnic and this course aims to dispel the cultural proliferation of “ethnic” as meaning non-white or other.

K-12 & Higher Education

Intro to Teaching in Culturally Diverse Classrooms (2.5hr)

This course teaches participants how to embrace the diversity of all students, in explicit and implicit ways. Create inclusive lesson plans, classroom climate, and explore the cultures of all students in meaningful and genuine ways, as well as classroom culture and design that is inclusive of students of all abilities, backgrounds, skin tones and more.

Creating a Positive Classroom Climate For Diversity (2hr)

This class is designed for educators at all levels that teach students in classrooms and explores how to create a positive classroom culture and environments that incorporate the expressions but still celebrates the differences of all students regardless of their background. Implicit bias, explicit bias, collaboration and the concept of space and place are explored and participants will leave with goals and guidelines to apply immediately and overtime in their specific teaching spaces.

2019 Client List

St. John Fisher College, Res Life Brighton High School 
St. John Fisher College, Lavery Library  Venture Jobs Foundation 
St. John Fisher College, Diversity and Inclusion Roc City Coalition 
Rochester Americorps  Genesee Community Charter School
St. Joseph’s House of Hospitality Phillips Lytle, LLP 
Legal Aid Society  Rochester City School District
Norman Howard  Planned Parenthood 
Landmark Society of Western NY  Canandaigua National Bank and Trust
University of Rochester, Izone  University of Rochester, Rochester Center for Community Leadership 
Landmark Society of Western NY  Canandaigua National Bank and Trust
University of Rochester, Izone  University of Rochester, Rochester Center for Community Leadership 
  • Community Landtrust
  • NSF- I-Corps
  • Rochester Peoples’ Climate Coalition
  • School of Indovidualized Study, RIT
  • Rochester Young Professionals
  • 441 Ministries
  • School of Sustainability, St. John Fisher College


  1. Monroe Community College Americorps
  2. 540WMain Communiversity
  3. Aria Strategies, LLC
  4. Urban League of Rochester 
  5. Planned Parenthood

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