About 540, LLC

540, LLC is a education brand that creates digital content, personal and professional development classes, events, and other educational programming.

About 540WMain, Inc.

540WMain, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) organization that curates digital content and  low cost/high impact community classes and events rooted antiracism, arts & culture and wellness. We manage three physical locations in Rochester, NY: 540WMain, 540 at The Yards and Douglass Auditorium at 36 King Street.
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About 540WMain

A community space dedicated to community learning. 540WMain curates low cost/high impact  classes rooted in antiracism, arts & culture, and wellnes as well as accessible event space.

Enrich the historic Susan B. Anthony Preservation district as well as connect greater Rochester to the neighborhood through programming rooted in antiracism, arts & culture, and wellness. 

About 540 at The Yards

540 at The Yards is held on the final Sunday of each month and focuses on low cost/single session classes rooted in the arts and wellness. Located within The Yards Collective (a 2nd floor shared art studio and art gallery at the Rochester Public Market).

About Douglass Auditorium at 36 King St.

The Douglass Auditorium at 36 King Street (formerly Frederick Douglass Resource Center) is 80 person auditorium/theatre and event space operated by 540, Inc. Housed within the building are the headquarters of the pharmacy tech startup PharmAdva, LLC as well as office spaces that are open to be leased. Learn more about Douglass Auditorium here

Funded, How?

540 is funded by charitable gifts and donations provided by community members, partners, and corporate sponsors. Revenue from classes, programs and events is used to sustain and support operations and all community programs.

Phone: 585-420-8439 | Address: 540 West Main Street, Rochester, NY 14608 | info540westmain@gmail.com

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