December Featured Artist Spotlight + Interview | Taurus Savant

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We are pleased to spotlight Taurus Savant our December Featured Artist

The Gallery at 540WMain  will showcase Taurus‘ art exhibit Candid Canvas //  Saturday December 14th | 11-2 PM

*This exhibit will run December 14-29, 2019 and serves as 540WMain’s final monthly artist exhibit. 

About Taurus Savant

Originally from Queens, NYC, Taurus moved to Rochester as a young child and has lived here ever since. His active imagination fuels much of his creativity. This collection of original drawings captures many of the images that were once swimming through his subconscious.

About Candid Canvas

The paintings featured at the Candid Canvas Art Exhibition are the works of Taurus’s style of fantasy-like characters, interesting symbols, vivid colors, and using striking words to convey thought-provoking messages. An artist since childhood, he employs the imagination to create works that truly serve for freedom of expression.

When did you begin your career as an artist? 

TS: I’ve been sketching and drawing for as long as I can remember, but I suppose my “career” began in high school, when my peers would marvel at my work and commission me to create art for them. Throughout my schooling, I would have my artwork displayed at exhibitions, malls, and showcases. As an adult, this showing in December would be my very first official exhibition!

Where do you get the inspiration for your work?

TS:  My life experiences, mixed with a lot of imagination, serve as the inspiration for all my work – it’s such an amazing feeling to see something I was imagining in my head come to realization.

What makes you want to be an artist? 

TS: The joy of creating makes me want to be an artist – the possibilities of creation are boundless, and it’s an outlet for my expression; no matter what, I can count on that creativity to carry me through the worst of times, and also to bring joy to myself and others!

For you how does art relate to wellness? 

TS: As someone who lives with depression, art is a crucial part of my life, as oftentimes, a piece can convey messages that words simply cannot. I’m able to channel my emotions, positive and negative, into creating something that helps me release any mental or emotional burdens I may be carrying.

How do you stay healthy as a creative?

TS: I do my best to stay productive and active – I find that to be helpful even in moments where I may be stuck creatively; having new experiences helps me improve as a person.

What do you feel is the most challenging aspect of your career.

TS: The most challenging aspect is making a sustainable living from my art. I think that people will see a finished piece, no matter how simple or intricate, and not really take into the consideration how long it took to create it, or what cathartic experience happened for it to come into fruition. Not all art has to be consumable, but respect (and compensation) is imperative to be given to artists who thrive from their endeavors. Appreciate and pay your artists!

When you aren’t painting & drawing/ what do you like to do? 

TS: When I’m not working on my art, I’m supporting and appreciating others’ creative outlets, I’m engaging in community work, cooking, playing video games, or spending time reading.

What is it that inspires you to keep going as professional artists? 

TS: Art is so ingrained in who I am that I couldn’t imagine life without it. I have an instinct that will always keep me creating in one way or another, and I enjoy sharing that with others.

What are you working on now?

TS: I’m working on self-care, most importantly! Once I finish putting myself first, I’ll move forward with collaborations with other artists, as well as more art output from myself!

What has been your best experience as an artist?

TS: My best experience is when folks tell me that something that I created moves them, inspires them, makes them happy. Besides actual profit, the best profit to me are those reactions I get from people who view my work.

What has been your biggest challenge as an artist? 

TS: One of my biggest challenges is keeping in mind my own self-worth, as well as the worth of my crafts. While I’m not particularly concerned about others’ feelings about my craft, I do believe it’s worth paying attention to, and should be appreciated as much as anyone else’s work.

Have you been able to overcome that challenge? If so, how?

TS: Each day, I do my best! I remind myself of my worth, the necessity of my work, the beauty, the uniqueness, and the creativity that goes into what I do – I feel like I have something that no one else has!

What advice do you have for others interested in pursuing as career in art?

TS: Don’t ever get in the way of your creativity – don’t worry about being good enough, and do it for the love of expression and the love of the work; everything else will come after. As long as you keep that love for the craft, you’ll never go wrong!

Is there anything else you’d like the readers to know?  

TS: This is an opportunity to express myself, and to show the community another side of who I am, and what I do. I believe that the conversations, perspectives, and inspiration that will come from folks viewing my work will make a sure impact on everyone who attends. I believe I’m worthy, and so is my work!

Connect with Taurus

  • Website:
  • Instagram/Twitter: @taurussavan

Photo credit: Cocoa Rae David

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