We are pleased to announce our December Featured Artists

Julie Gelfand and Steve Piper

About Julie & Steve

Julie Gelfand and Steve Piper are photographers with keen eyes for capturing the stories hidden deep within all their subjects. Both have graduate degrees in Fine Art Photography from Rochester Institute of Technology and have taught individually and as a duo at RIT, St. John Fisher College, and the Community Darkroom in Rochester. They have worked professionally as Gelfand-Piper Photography since 1985, specializing in commercial and wedding photojournalism.

Steve and Julie are married to each other, have lived in Rochester since 1978, and since then have greeted two daughters, two grandkids, and five dogs. Most of their current photography is dedicated to personal projects and observations. When the cameras are set aside, Steve is active as a singer-songwriter-musician, and can be seen and heard at various local venues. Julie has devoted much time as part of the Rochester activist community.

Learn more:
www.540westmain.org and https://www.gelfandpiper.com/
https://www.gelfandpiperphoto.com, and http://juliegelfand.com