540WMain Adds New Staff to Growing “Communiversity”

Dear Community,

Running a grassroots “communiversity” is hard work! Developing, curating, and (yes) cancelling courses based on the needs and wants of the community at any given time makes my work as Executive Director super challenging but I couldn’t see myself doing anything else. I love this work along with the good and the not so great. That said, as 540WMain grows the need to build my team of support becomes more important and imperative for the continued growth and sustainability of Rochester’s only communiversity.

It is for this reason that I am excited to announce the addition of two new roles. Adam Eaton has signed on as 540WMain’s Assistant Director. And addition to his role as Advertising & Social Media Assistant; Ray Ray Mitrano is also serving as the first class Class Coordinator at 540WMain.


540WMain Adds New Staff to Growing “Communiversity”

About Adam Eaton


(he/his/him) Art lover, creator and voice of the people Adam Eaton is not only the younger brother of 540WMain’s Founder but the lead curator and editor of http://www.adameaton.com with a goal to help support and promote Rochester Artists to the local economy and assist in expanding their support to a global market.
In his role as AD Adam Eaton will oversee 540WMain’s artist direction, advancement, and community engagement initiatives.

About Ray Ray Mitrano


(he/his/him) Ray Ray Mitrano loves to participate in community events, performances, workshops, and group exhibitions. Interactive storytelling is a major part of what he does, whether it involves drawing, animation, education, performing, videography, or multi-media installation. His experimental work embraces collaborative improvisation within conceptual frameworks. In addition to his freelance art and activism practice; Ray Ray is the brains and face behind 540WMain’s social media advertising and weekly HQ community classes respectively.

This growth is great but requires more monetary investment. Your contributions and donations is the fertilizer that makes 540WMain grow bigger an stronger.  Any amount is much appreciated so donate from your heart below.

Published by Calvin Eaton

(he/his/him) Calvin Eaton is a disabled community educator, content creator, and social entrepreneur, whose area of expertise includes antiracism, equity, justice, instructional design, and program development. In 2016 Mr. Eaton founded 540WMain, Inc. a non-profit online and community-based organization for accessible education and events that promote justice for all.

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