Special Announcement**Introducing Community Organizer Jake Sell Hicks

Dear Community,

Join me in welcoming Jake Sell Hicks as 540WMain Community Learning Academy‘s inaugural Community Organizer. Jake recently joined 540WMain as a featured blogger and in a very short time we both agreed that his level of expertise and education made him the perfect candidate for an expanded role with the organization.

In this new role Jake will serve as 540’s ambassador at community events, aid in development, execution, and continuation of new programs at 540WMain. He will curate the scope of this new role and help us expand the definition of the “community organizer”

I’m excited to have Jake’s knowledge and expertise a part of this year of growth and sustainability at 540WMain.

Learn more about Jake via LinkedIn:


Calvin, Founder & Executive Director

5 Comments on “Special Announcement**Introducing Community Organizer Jake Sell Hicks

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