Special Announcement | Nutrition & Teaching Community Courtyard Garden Campaign

We are thrilled to announce The Nutrition & Teaching Community Courtyard Garden Building Campaign

Today is the official launch of The 540WMain Nutrition & Teaching Community Courtyard Garden Building Campaign.

The The 540WMain Nutrition & TeachingCommunity Courtyard Garden Building Campaign sees 540WMain, our community center in the Susan B. Anthony district renovate and beautify the existing courtyard attached to our recently renovated community room. This renovation campaign is part of the 540WMain Cares Initiative.

The Campaign Details


The Nutrition & Teaching Community Courtyard Garden at 540WMain will have a mission to teach community members and families how to adopt and sustain a healthier lifestyle through a garden based nutrition and urban gardening program. It will be  a collaborative place all person to to share ideas, learn, and practice how to live a holistic lifestyle by connecting with nature and the earth.


Groundbreaking for the renovation project will begin Saturday April 22 at 10 AM and the projected timeline for the project is September 2017. The “Courtyard” garden will double the size of the adjacent community room and will be multi-use event space for 540WMain.


The project has been broken up into two components. The primary project cost is $3000 and includes:

  • 500 yards of lumber for the raised beds and seating ($840)
  • 2 new doors ( $400)
  • 3 cubic yards of soil ($108)
  • 2 cubic yards of compost ($80)
  • 2 cubic yards of fine mulch ( $42)
  • Compost bin $(100)
  • A new wooden gate ($100)
  • A new wooden fence ($200)
  • Outdoor sink ($200)
  • Labor ($600)
  • Design work ($300)
  • Tree removal
  • Fasteners($40)

The second component is the restoration of the brick and concrete. The projected cost for this component is $7500 and includes relaying and restoring the brick floor of the courtyard.

Flower City Roots Edible Landscaping

Owned and operated by Rawson Duckett; Flower City Roots is a Rochester based edible landscaping company. Rawson specializes in urban edible gardening, landscaping and property maintenance. He brings a specialized expertise in landscaping, building, urban gardening and property maintenance to the beautification project and will be instrumental to developing the garden education and programming within the courtyard garden once it is complete. We look forward to Rawson becoming the Chief Executive Gardener” at 540WMain.

Frisch Ecological Design

Jeff Frisch is the founder Frisch Ecological Design a local sustainable landscaping and design firm. Jeff is a Sustainable Landscaper & Designer and studied Landscape Design at Conway School of Landscape Design. Jeff has been a key player from the inception and planning stages of the nutrition garden and worked alongside 540WMain Founder, Calvin Eaton to design the architectural plans, mock-ups, and art of the project.

Jeff will oversee the building and construction of the nutrition garden project, help build many components of the space and design and co-install munch of the flora. His expertise in sustainable landscape design will be an asset to the project throughout every stage and will remain a primary consultant after the project is complete.


The public is invited to join us on Earth Day Saturday April 22 from 10-2 PM to begin the cleaning and groundbreaking of the renovation project. Community members can donate to the project monetarily hrough its GoFundMe campaign, donate time and labor over the course of the summer, or donate materials and supplies by contacting organizations and businesses on behalf of 540WMain.

To donate to the project via GoFundMe click here.  For more information about 540WMain, visit https://540westmain.org or click the button below. For questions email info540westmain@gmail.com



Published by Calvin Eaton

(he/his/him) Calvin Eaton is a disabled community educator, content creator, and social entrepreneur, whose area of expertise includes antiracism, equity, justice, instructional design, and program development. In 2016 Mr. Eaton founded 540WMain, Inc. a non-profit online and community-based organization for accessible education and events that promote justice for all.

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